Sunflower Movement x Protest Songs

Sunflower Movement

In Taiwan, its at the point in which the current protests are to build the awareness of the appearance of a unified and more clearly articulated definition of what it means to be a Taiwanese citizen. Walking the streets of Taiwan, you may hear some of their citizens chanting songs in support of the the protest in which disapproves with the Cross-Straight Service Trade. In simple this trade is speculated to destroy the Taiwanese economy leaving them vulnerable to the crumbling of their economy. The magnitude of the human language and voice is a substantial symbol of the thoughts of an individual’s feelings and has often moved the development of community and social culture. Many students and citizens  chant some very heartfelt words to build the Taiwanese pride. These songs are in awareness with the Sunflower Movement as for why you may see various students and citizens wearing Sunflowers along with their attire. By promoting these songs using the social media in the form of videos, anyone who understands the Taiwanese movements is able to watch and learn the songs and in so doing are able to express their identification with the movement and their acceptance of the new identity which is surfacing. 




U.S. calls on Taiwan protesters to act ‘responsibly’ | Politics | FOCUS TAIWAN – CNA ENGLISH NEWS

U.S. calls on Taiwan protesters to act ‘responsibly’ | Politics | FOCUS TAIWAN – CNA ENGLISH NEWS.

Recently the U.S. has commented on the on going occupy protests in Taiwan that it is great that they are practicing their right but urge Taiwanese protesters not to resort to violence. The United States also did not take sides on the issue and stated that they would leave the decisions to the country.

It seems that the U.S. wants to play t safe in this situation not taking sides due to the fact they do not want to escalate the situation nor do they want to hurt their ties with China or Taiwan. However they did want to encourage Taiwan’s protests considering it as a right to practice their freedom.


Pact dispute may have long-term consequences for Taiwan: experts – WantChinaTimes

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WantChinaTimes Pact dispute may have long-term consequences for Taiwan: experts WantChinaTimes Taiwan’s manufacturing activity and tourism sector were not hurt by a student-led protest against the handling of contentious pact that began on March 18…

Annie Oakley‘s insight:

Despite the fact that the protest has showed no negative effects in the short run, in the long run, the students’ show of rebellion could show negative, long-term effects. The economy, as of the present, has no showed a significant decline which may mean to some that the effort was wasted.

However, some economists have observed that the general public’s opinion of stocks and fade have declined as of late. In addition to the economy, the social impact could be even greater as the amount of distrust of the government has grown. After the trade-pact agreement, the amount of foreign investments in Taiwan declined, and the students succeeded in garnering attention in regards to the economic growth in the country.


This article succeeds in showing what some have feared. The government may believe that the students’ end of protest is a good thing, but the fact they continued for so long with so much media attention means that Taiwan’s economy could suffer in the upcoming years even though the short-term does not project its downfall.

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Taiwan, China continue to boost ties after protests: magazine – China Post

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Taiwan, China continue to boost ties after protests: magazine China Post TAIPEI–Beijing and Taipei have decided to carry on normally with cross-Taiwan Strait relations following an occupation of Taiwan’s parliament by students, but it is unclear…

Annie Oakley‘s insight:

Despite the fact the students have left parliament, there is a strong feeling that their occupation and protests will have long-lasting implications. Taiwan and China are trying to save face and carry on business as usual. They are adamant that the relations between the countries are as strong as ever.

However, some of the public remains unconvinced. There is speculation that there will be a shift of the countries from allies to rivals which would, ultimately, hurt both countries’ economies.

The student-organized movement may have ended for now, but it will continue to live on in the memories of the people and the government. Only time will tell if their efforts will come to a head or if Taiwan will ultimately cave and sign the trade-pact they worked so hard to prevent.

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RT @RANews: Student protesters in #Taiwan opposing a trade pact with #China have agreed to end their sit-in at the parliament.…

Zach Shiomos‘s insight:

Student protesters agree to end their parliament sit-in, but the opposition to the trade-pact remains.  Recently the parliamentary speaker, Wang Jin-pyng, made a statement promising the protesters that a closer review mechanism would be placed on trade agreements with China.  In response to this, protesters have agreed to leave parliament so that meetings about this review mechanism can proceed.


Protesters, however, assert that the struggle is not over yet, as many of them still strongly oppose free trade with China.  Protest leader Chen Wei-ting stated that "it’s time for us to return this movement to broader Taiwan society, where we will continue the struggle," referring to the opposition that remains against the agreement.


While the protests may have died down for now, as this trade agreement remains intact with the only change so far being a review mechanism, this is far from the last we’ll hear about the opposition to this trade agreement.

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Taiwan student protest hurts chance of meeting between Xi and Ma, experts say – South China Morning Post

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Taiwan student protest hurts chance of meeting between Xi and Ma, experts say South China Morning Post The stand-off in Taiwan over a cross-strait services pact has hurt chances President Xi Jinping and the island’s leader, Ma Ying-jeou, might meet…

Annie Oakley‘s insight:

This article includes a new twist on the idea that the protests are actually hurting the cause rather than helping it. While the protesters have brought to light the issue and made a trending topic around the world, the leaders of the countries have reached a stand-still and delayed meeting to discuss the issue further.

It also highlights the reasoning behind the protests which would give the mainland China a stronger hold over Taiwan which goes against what the Taiwanese people want. It even says that officials in Taiwan often do not reflect what the majority of the pubic wishes.

Because the meetings between country officials has been delayed, the situation could grow more tense and worsen within the coming days.

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10 Year Old Taiwanese Student among Protesters

As the protest marches on and increases in the number of protesters, so too does the variety of protesters. Recently, a video surfaced featuring a 10 year old girl who has reportedly been attending the protests with her mother every day after school for 13 straight days so far. In the video the girl is asked what brought her to the protest, and her reply is that she “does not wish to see the fall of Taiwan.” When asked if she was tired she tells the interviewer that she is not tired or sleep, and that she “will never feel tired from guarding our democracy”.

While this instance of making a young child protest the political ideology of her mother could be construed as pushing a political agenda, or even brainwashing a young mind, this video is very interesting as it gives us more insight into how firmly the Taiwanese protesters are in their stance against the trade-pact. With the protests now lining the streets and reaching numbers into the 100,000’s, we can only imagine how many more, and what kinds of people may be spotted joining the protests next.