Issues Concerning the Law

sunflower crackdownLooks like things aren’t quite over just yet. While the actual occupation might be behind us, there is now a scramble as to who should be held accountable and to what extent punishment might be doled- and that’s going both ways. The above photo depicts some of the key figureheads in the Sunflower Movement in the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office, being led to be questioned about their involvement in the protests. The short news article from China Times states that a several members stand accused of a number of offenses, such as obstructing the police in their line of duty, and will be under investigation regarding this.

But just as the members of the protesting group are being investigated for their actions concerning the police, so too are the police being investigated for their actions concerning the protesters. An article in the Taipei Times reveals that legislature is looking into the police crackdown that occurred on March 24th against the protesters who stormed the Executive Yuan.  There is controversy regarding this at the moment, since it appears that the police are being withholding with evidence as to the reality of the account. Though they attested that they already submitted the video footage of the event, none could be found, which is suspicious especially since there are multiple eye witness accounts saying that the police vandalized and used unnecessary force. Their response to the initial Occupy movement is being said to be “tantamount to imposing martial law”. Further investigations will follow, but at the moment, it seems like the protesters are the ones in better shoes.


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