The World x Sunflower Movement

Rallies! Rallies! and did I forget to mention Rallies! They have been held in Berlin, London, Madrid, Stockholm, Zurich, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Vienna, Australia, Japan Canada and the United States of America. Many Taiwanese students and refugees in 49 cities across 21 countries organized rallies timed in sync with Sunday’s demonstration in Taipei, as part of a global networking campaign to support the “Sunflower student movement.” This substantial effort was dubbed the “24-Hour Relay Across the Globe in Support of Taiwan,” the worldwide rallies saw Taiwanese and other participants shouting the same slogans as their counterparts in Taipei: “Protecting Taiwan’s Democracy,” and “Withdraw the Trade Deal,” which gained press coverage and wide circulation among online social media. Various students held up placards in which read: “Taiwan is not for sale,” “Transparency, Democracy and National Security for Taiwan” in support of the movement which started with protesters occupying the legislature in Taipei on March 18. On a Sunday morning, the rally commeneced in New Zealand and Australia in which began the World Wide Networking rally. Some other locations included Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and various other locations. Taiwanese students and refugees who currently dwell in Tokyo, Japan were joined by their Japanese friends to call for the withdrawal of the cross-strait pact, shouting slogans in support of the Sunflower movement. Due to currently living in Japan I got to experience this first hand and the energy was very refreshing and motivating at the same time. 







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