Taking it to far or not?

A massive amount of students were demonstrating in the capital of Taiwan (Taipei) to protest against a trade pact with China known as the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA), with hundreds of these students storming, yelling towards the parliament buildings. They have been occupying the chamber since Tuesday, using chairs, desk, and other office items to barricade themselves in while they demand an audience with The President Ma Ying-Jeou. I understand the intent of what the Taiwanese people are standing for, however there has to be a line drawned between right and wrong. No matter how one may feel about an issue, topic and or decision, there is no need to destroy property and or cause harm to any establishment. I feel as for how the Taiwanese citizens went about conducting themselves up to this point was uncalled for. As you may see in the video, there is footage of a gate being detached by angry students who in which do this in hopes of obtaining the attention of the current President in office. However due to the anger and objection due to the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, no one was seriously injured in the protest at the parliament.




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