Sunflower Movement x Protest Songs

Sunflower Movement

In Taiwan, its at the point in which the current protests are to build the awareness of the appearance of a unified and more clearly articulated definition of what it means to be a Taiwanese citizen. Walking the streets of Taiwan, you may hear some of their citizens chanting songs in support of the the protest in which disapproves with the Cross-Straight Service Trade. In simple this trade is speculated to destroy the Taiwanese economy leaving them vulnerable to the crumbling of their economy. The magnitude of the human language and voice is a substantial symbol of the thoughts of an individual’s feelings and has often moved the development of community and social culture. Many students and citizens  chant some very heartfelt words to build the Taiwanese pride. These songs are in awareness with the Sunflower Movement as for why you may see various students and citizens wearing Sunflowers along with their attire. By promoting these songs using the social media in the form of videos, anyone who understands the Taiwanese movements is able to watch and learn the songs and in so doing are able to express their identification with the movement and their acceptance of the new identity which is surfacing. 




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