Red Shirts x Sunflower Movement

Red Shirts

Why so many red shirts? The Sunflower Movement was not the first movement of a better way of life in which was derived from turmoil in the land of Taiwan. To begin with,  in contrast, it seems to me a more fruitful comparison with the Red Shirts anti corruption protests of  mid 2006. The current protests are the largest organized events Taiwan has seen since the Red Shirts. Both of these extremely powerful movements occurred after over six years of the government being in office and at a time when the sitting presidents were significantly unpopular and had been unpopular for a lenghty period of time. Another substantial similarity is that in both of these cases there has been no legitimate reflection on the protestors’ demands by government or any attempts to engage in dialogue with the protestors. In both of these cases, the President at the time had increasingly appeared to be known as the “Lame Duck” president. Naturally there are significant differences. The Red Shirts were largely a top down movement, led by politicians rather than social movement activists such as students and average citizens. The question of the day is whether the movements will see similar conclusions and consequences?





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