A Show of Support Around the World: how Citizen Media Played a Hand

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 8.35.23 AM

From March 18th to April 10th, the Sunflower Movement took its stand. Though brief, it will no doubt continue to be seen as significant moment in history, and one that garnered much solidarity around the world. In the photo above only a small collection of the outflow of support for Taiwan is shown, pictured through groupings and rallies all over the globe. The way in which the cause of Occupy Taiwan was able to spread so rapidly actually ties to this picture–or rather, collection of pictures. This was a movement that made use of social media. People tweeted, instagrammed, and, as seen previously in this blog, youtubed every moment. Technology played a crucial role in not only getting the word out of what was happening, but of garnering support through the whole procedure. People were able to learn of Taiwan’s issue through the collective eye of citizen media. The blog Global Voices Online takes a closer look at that in their article “How Technology and Citizen Media Shaped Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement“. The article goes into detail about how the Sunflower Movement used technology to its best advantage. From setting up a live stream of the parliament occupation, to creating websites that explained the exact issues and significances of the trade pact they were protesting, to using Facebook as a way of planning the logistics of their continued protest- every step was planned and supported by citizen media and technology. With technology they offered the world a chance to step in and stand with them, and stand wit them they did. Even if it was from across oceans.


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