Pact dispute may have long-term consequences for Taiwan: experts – WantChinaTimes

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WantChinaTimes Pact dispute may have long-term consequences for Taiwan: experts WantChinaTimes Taiwan’s manufacturing activity and tourism sector were not hurt by a student-led protest against the handling of contentious pact that began on March 18…

Annie Oakley‘s insight:

Despite the fact that the protest has showed no negative effects in the short run, in the long run, the students’ show of rebellion could show negative, long-term effects. The economy, as of the present, has no showed a significant decline which may mean to some that the effort was wasted.

However, some economists have observed that the general public’s opinion of stocks and fade have declined as of late. In addition to the economy, the social impact could be even greater as the amount of distrust of the government has grown. After the trade-pact agreement, the amount of foreign investments in Taiwan declined, and the students succeeded in garnering attention in regards to the economic growth in the country.


This article succeeds in showing what some have feared. The government may believe that the students’ end of protest is a good thing, but the fact they continued for so long with so much media attention means that Taiwan’s economy could suffer in the upcoming years even though the short-term does not project its downfall.

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