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RT @RANews: Student protesters in #Taiwan opposing a trade pact with #China have agreed to end their sit-in at the parliament. http://t.co/…

Zach Shiomos‘s insight:

Student protesters agree to end their parliament sit-in, but the opposition to the trade-pact remains.  Recently the parliamentary speaker, Wang Jin-pyng, made a statement promising the protesters that a closer review mechanism would be placed on trade agreements with China.  In response to this, protesters have agreed to leave parliament so that meetings about this review mechanism can proceed.


Protesters, however, assert that the struggle is not over yet, as many of them still strongly oppose free trade with China.  Protest leader Chen Wei-ting stated that "it’s time for us to return this movement to broader Taiwan society, where we will continue the struggle," referring to the opposition that remains against the agreement.


While the protests may have died down for now, as this trade agreement remains intact with the only change so far being a review mechanism, this is far from the last we’ll hear about the opposition to this trade agreement.

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