10 Year Old Taiwanese Student among Protesters

As the protest marches on and increases in the number of protesters, so too does the variety of protesters. Recently, a video surfaced featuring a 10 year old girl who has reportedly been attending the protests with her mother every day after school for 13 straight days so far. In the video the girl is asked what brought her to the protest, and her reply is that she “does not wish to see the fall of Taiwan.” When asked if she was tired she tells the interviewer that she is not tired or sleep, and that she “will never feel tired from guarding our democracy”.

While this instance of making a young child protest the political ideology of her mother could be construed as pushing a political agenda, or even brainwashing a young mind, this video is very interesting as it gives us more insight into how firmly the Taiwanese protesters are in their stance against the trade-pact. With the protests now lining the streets and reaching numbers into the 100,000’s, we can only imagine how many more, and what kinds of people may be spotted joining the protests next.



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