Intro to the Issue

On Tuesday March 18th, several hundred protesters (mostly comprised of students) stormed parliament in response to the upcoming Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA)– a trade pact set to be ratified with China that will open up service sectors in both countries. The protesters are worried over the economic toll this pact would take on Taiwan, as well as the risk it creates in leaving the nation open to China’s political influence. Some of the controversy sparked comes from the fact that the process of passing this agreement has been undemocratic and has lacked transparency.

The occupation of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, the first of its kind in the history of the Republic of China, is still underway. This goal of this blog is to curate any and all information on this significant movement as it progresses. To start, check this early article from Time magazine that summed up the situation as it was just beginning. Further information will follow.

Welcome to Occupy Taiwan.


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